BCM325 – My Live Tweeting Self-Analysis

This semester I decided to take on the challenge of BCM325 and by doing so I have had my first experience in live-tweeting. Being completely unfamiliar to the whole process of live-tweeting, as well as not being an avid Twitter user, I believe my overall efforts were quite successful. The most challenging aspect of the whole activity however was increasing the amount of interaction on my tweets.

Week 1: Metropolis (1927)

Being a silent film, Metropolis had me worried about how long and how good my focus would be. However the movie itself gradually gained traction within the class as the BCM325 hashtag erupted.

Starting slowly with a few tweets that barely gained any interaction at all, I decided to change up my approach from using humor in my tweets, to posting something that would spark debate and/or discussion. Successfully, I believe I did this as seen in the tweet below, as it gained multiple replies and likes.


Week 2: 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968)

In contrast to the previous weeks disaster in using humor, my use of sarcasm in my starting tweet and various other tweets for this movie gained multiple likes each. Taking my previous efforts into account, receiving this amount of likes was huge for myself.

Again trying to spark discussion like last week however failed with only only responses. In fairness, I believe it is my own fault. In future with my live-tweeting, I have learned through this tweet specifically to continue to reply to those who have responded. This may increase my overall interaction in general.


Week 3: Westworld (1973)

To increase the interaction on my tweets this week, I intended to interact with others first hoping that my classmates would reciprocate.Thus, I retweeted and replied to various tweets. This is only my third week of live-tweeting however, so I am still getting the hang of it.


This week however I definitely succeeded in posting content relatable to those in class, using humor while analysing scenes of the film.

Week 4 : Blade Runner (1982)

Probably my best week behind the keyboard during our first six weeks of live-tweeting. With various tweets receiving five or more likes, I believe due to my increased interactive efforts from the previous week.

By combining humor and relatable content with information and fun facts about the movie, I believe I have found a working formula in producing my tweets. By doing this, it has also increased my interaction levels, with some tweets being re-tweeted, and also being mentioned in other tweets.

Week 5: Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Not being an avid Anime fan, and also not being fluent in Japanese really hindered my attention span to the movie for this weeks live-tweeting. However I was still able to pick up on various relations from this movie and ‘The Matrix’. My continued use of humor in my tweets has worked well in previous so I stuck with it. I believe the inclusion of ‘Giphs’ also improved the amount of interaction I received.

This week, I began to experiment with combining both humor and related content to the movie, and it saw promising signs.

However some posts failed due to lack of context and timing to the post. This type of post may be best to post before or after the movie.

Week 6: Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

Although not the best movie, it was certainly one of my best weeks of live-tweeting, with all content that I tweeted receiving some sort of interaction. Combining both humor and factual information regarding the movie however continued to be a successful combination as seen below.

After analysing my efforts over the past six weeks of live-tweeting, I believe that I need to do some more research around the films before viewing them. This may aid in improving the quality the information and therefor my tweets.

Week-by-week I learnt different ways and skills to improve my experience on twitter, and live-tweeting as an exercise. However, I need to continue to increase my responses to other peoples tweets as well as well as continue to use what has worked for me and expand on that in the upcoming weeks.

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