BCM325: Pitch Reviews

Feedback is an essential tool in order for one to grow and improve for future endeavours. In this case for our BCM325 assessment, the feedback we receive and give each other is crucial for our project ideas to grow and evolve. It has been a very insightful, helpful and rewarding exercise overall as I get to see what it it feels like to be the one providing the useful feedback as opposed to being on the receiving end.

For Kristie’s project pitch on ‘E-Sports’ I could relate to this topic massively as my love for e-sports is huge. A question still surrounds how she will post such a massive amount of content so often. For Tiana’s idea however, I focused my feedback more on the delivery of her digital artefact idea, suggesting that maybe a podcast isn’t the best was to share it, however could be one of many ways to deliver it. Lastly Nicola’s idea was excellent and I let her know that through my feedback. However there were some questions surrounding the clarity of the idea to the wider audience, such as people unfamiliar with the internet.

I tried to approach each assignment with the utmost respect, starting my review with the positives and what stood out for me the most in there idea. I then followed that up with constructing criticism, where I suggested where to improve some if the concepts of their idea that they already had. I ended my feedback with things that I believe were missing from the presentation, but also provided the questions they need to answer. I did this because it would be most helpful for them moving forward especially when thinking about their Beta presentations.

Understanding the marking criteria was definitely something important when considering the feedback you wish to provide your peers. For each digital artefact presentation I reviewed, I made sure I watched the videos a minimum of a couple times each to ensure that I had clarity of the idea. I then critically analysed ad researched the concept before writing my comments.

For part two of the assignment, I believe I must not be scared to be even more critical of the concepts I am reviewing. For some reason it is almost an uncomfortable feeling giving feedback to people who are mostly of the same age group as myself, but also because they are peers of mine in class. However, it is most likely something that everyone could relate too.

There are many good pitch ideas among this subjects students, thus critically analysing them was far from a chore. However I believe in part two of this assessment, I will have to further research there ideas and provide more in depth feedback. I could also talk more about and critically analyse what their project pitch’s lacked. By giving them these types of suggestions, this would have helped enhance their overall project.

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Links to my comments can be found below:

‘The Social Robots’ by Nicola Carnevale

‘Conspiracy Theories’ by Tiana Paoletti

‘E-Sports’ by Kristie Tancevski




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