MEDA301: Week 4 Contemporary Media Arts

So in week 4 of our MEDA301 workshop we explored a creative practice by “getting our hands dirty”. By getting into groups of four or five, we re-created some well known, old images to the best of our ability.

After getting into our groups we were assigned a particular image. My group was assigned Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled Film Still #21”. Below on the left is Sherman’s actual image along side our re-creation on the right.

After getting our hands on DSLR camera to use for this group exercise, we walked around Innovation Campus trying to find spots that we could use to match the background buildings of Sherman’s film still. Kindly enough, I volunteered to be the subject in the photos we wished to take. On our first attempt at photos we took, I believed we were quite successful in capturing the recreation.

After receiving feedback from the tutors in class after bringing them back what we had taken however, we were sent back out to try different approaches to our photography. Initially we were taking the images in just normal colour, however for this attempt we took the images in black and white. Surprisingly, the aesthetic of the image was slightly different with certain shadowing and contrast in the image being way better the second time round.

Also on our second attempt, the feedback we received suggested that we try and match my stance and and positioning when taking the photo. As you can see in Sherman’s image, the angle of her left shoulder lines up with the line of windows on the building behind her. Although seeming so minor, this was important in recreating the image with more accuracy.

Lighting was the only challenging factor in the image that was hard to match. As you can see the with the buildings behind myself in our recreation, the building over my right shoulder is well lit up. This is in contrast to the building over the right shoulder of the subject in Sherman’s image, and vice versa for the building behind the left should in both our images. This was possibly due to the time of day we performed the exercise.

At the end of the exercise, I believe our final result was quite satisfactory. Only minor things needed further work to make it more successful in post production such as maybe editing.

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