BCM325: Beta Reviews

In my BCM325 subject at UOW, I was required to analyse and comment on the BETA presentations of my peers again for part two of the assignment. In part 1 of the assignment we commented on three of the initial ideas of our classmates. Now we are doing the same on their Beta Presentations, where they a potential prototype set up and regular content being shared on which.

In part one of this assignment I discussed where I could improve my feedback. In my previous post I suggested that I may have been too scared and uncomfortable to be highly critical of the concepts that were being reviewed. This time, I had to step out of my comfort zone as I was highly critical of the areas in which the projects I was reviewing could easily be improved.

For Emily’s idea on ‘The land of Make Believe” I couldn’t help but notice straight away how long her first post was on her digital artefact. I suggested shortening her podcasts length and narrowing down her content to be more on a specific topic. This will firstly make the production process for herself far easier, and secondly it will have a far greater attraction to someone from her audience, as something too long can sometimes be a turn off.

Eric’s idea on the “Future of gaming” was definitely the hardest to be so critical on. However, what was said for Emily and her project idea could also be said for Eric. I also attached a link in order for Eric to research up about how to keep audiences intrigued when watching long videos.

“The Brain Viewer” by Erin was an interesting idea, however the Beta presentation itself drew a lot of questions to my mind. It was also difficult to give a lot of feedback on this presentation as an example and link to the type of content she wants to post was unavailable.

All presentations that I viewed were exceptionally done. Although it hurt a little bit to hand out such critical feedback, I did however acknowledge all ideas to be something with great potential. I also pointed out how well their videos were done.

My own Beta presentation came under the same critical reflections that I had given my peers. So this time it was definitely a lot easier to do this assignment. Thus my commenting and the feedback I handed out has definitely gotten better for part two of this assignment.

Through commenting on these projects I have learnt a great deal/ I have gained various insights through conducting the entire activity. I look forward to what the future holds where I continue to improve and use the skills in which I have learnt through BCM325.

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Links to the blogs I commented on can be found below.

‘The Land of Make Believe’ by Emily Grujevski

“The Future of Gaming” by Eric Bunquin

“The Brain Viewer” by Erin Smith


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