Live Tweeting Self Analysis – Part 2

After a successful first six weeks of live-tweeting to start the semester, I believe my efforts had only further improved since the mid session break. By focusing on the areas I wished to improve, my overall live-tweeting experience was far better during the second part of this session.

Week 8: I, Robot (2004)

A particular favourite of mine, ‘I, Robot’ never disappoints an audience. After the mid-session break in particular, it appears everyone was feeling refreshed and ready to continue on from where we left off, with our live-tweeting also not disappointing.

Carrying on with what I had established as my strengths last time, I continued to use humour and Gifs in order to gain traction on my posts.

Having already learnt that humour is the best way to gain likes and retweets on my posts (as seen through the tweets above), what it doesn’t do is provoke any responses or comments. This is an area that I needed to work on from this week onward.

Week 9: Robot and Frank (2012)

Starting slowly this week with with a few tweets missing the mark by receiving very few likes each, I adjusted my approach by posting small critiques and observations on the movie. This appeared to be a successful change as posts also received more likes than usual.

The tweets below finally received some attention from by peers with comments on both. (Click on the tweets to see comments.) This was something I was hoping to provoke out of my audience this week after failing to achieve this feet the previous week.

Week 10: Marjorie Prime (2017)

Definitely my busiest week behind the keyboard, posting far more than I had in previous weeks. However attempting to follow what was a successful approach last week failed to produce the same interaction, with the post below being an example of which.

The above posts only receiving a few likes on each without sparking conversation or response. My other posts however still seeing some replies, although very limited.

This week I also continued to retweet other students posts that I thought were very interesting and deserved more exposure. Hopefully by doing this, it will build a relationship and other students will the reciprocate by retweeting my posts.

Week 11: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

After taking a look at the subject outline, I wanted to again adapt my approach this week to sharing related articles and media to this weeks movie. So I went and shared the soundtrack to the movie. In previous weeks I had also posted merchandise for other movies we live-tweeted, so this was a similar idea.

However, again not being too popular among my peers receiving very little attention. Tweeting about current situations in the movie however continued to be successful. My posts below showing this, as they received multiple likes comments and retweets.

Week 12: The Matrix (1999)

The final week of live-tweeting brought some success to my live-tweeting efforts. I believe receiving at least five likes on my posts is decent effort, and this week four of my posts received that and more.

Previously I have said I wished to also receive more comments on my posts as well retweets, I also achieved that with the tweet below receiving more than one retweet and even some comments and likes.

Overall I believe my efforts at live-tweeting this semester have been very successful. After the first six weeks of this session, I set goals to research the movies prior to watching them and adapt my approach to live-tweeting in order to improve and increase the interaction on my posts. I believed I have achieved those goals. I have thoroughly enjoyed this weekly activity and I look forward to any further learning around live-tweeting activities, as I will apply the knowledge I have gained this semester to my future subjects at university.

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