My Autoethnographic Experience

In BCM320, the main focus has been exploring autoethnographic ideas and experiences, of both others and our own, throughout the semester. However, it has definitely been a challenging task to perform a study of myself and my own experiences, as it is something I am not overly familiar with doing often.

Initially this subject was somewhat of a ‘culture shock’ as well as a ‘kick in the back-side’, figuratively speaking of course, as we had to quickly learn and understand what was required of you to complete this subject. Through our live-tweeting experiences, we had to compare our own live-tweeting sessions of the culture portrayed in the movies with our own experiences. This was not an easy activity to undertake. However, as no one in the class appeared to be an expert, even I managed to produce some work, including the interactive live tweets on the hashtag.

After watching ‘Akira’, a film I had never experienced the likes of before, I believe my autoethnographic research and examination skills improved greatly. Thus I was able to further interact with the tweets made by my peers and help  them find and establish a connection to their own findings and experiences.

The comments that we are required to do as part of the assessment criteria also provided myself and others a necessary understanding and platform for ourselves to further improve on the areas we lacked in, but also pointed out our strongest autoethnographic analysis’. This helped me with my confidence for producing work for the entire subject, and will aid in providing the necessary framework to conduct more quality autoethnographic studies.

I feel as though my autoethnographic skills have thoroughly improved as the semester continues, and although they are far from perfect, I believe they will continue to improve as this autumn session progresses. This subject has also definitely improved my understanding of asian culture, as it is something completely different to my own. In a way however, it has also helped me analyse my own culture too. It will be interesting to discover how my autoethnographic experience continues to change and develop as this semester goes on.


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