Researcher is Researched

By analysing my previous blog post discussing my own autoethnographic study undertaken during the opening weeks of this semester, and comparing my  own evaluations and comments to the various key points in the Ellis et al. (2011) reading, It definitely makes it easier to understand the obstacles and the struggles of undertaking my own autethnographic […]

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My Autoethnographic Experience

In BCM320, the main focus has been exploring autoethnographic ideas and experiences, of both others and our own, throughout the semester. However, it has definitely been a challenging task to perform a study of myself and my own experiences, as it is something I am not overly familiar with doing often. Initially this subject was […]

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Live Tweeting ‘Akira’ (1988)

For this weeks blog post, I will be addressing the assigned reading Ellis et all (2011) on auto ethnography, as well as addressing the class viewing  and Japanese animated cyberpunk film ‘Akira’. AUTO – personal experience ETHNO – understanding cultural experiences GRAPHY – describe and systematically analyse Above is how simply they’ve described the meaning of the […]

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Live-Tweeting ‘The Host’ (2006)

This semester, I have committed to another session of live-tweeting and first up in week one of BCM320 Digital Asia, is the 2006 South Korean film ‘The Host’. Having already experienced live-tweeting in previous semesters at UOW, the only thing new to me was the content we were live-tweeting about. Understandably, Asian movies are not […]

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